Orientation to Understand the Essences of Section 377 Judgement

To understand the important essences of supreme court judgement on IPC section 377 for transgender community, CSO, community Groups, Community Leaders, supporters International Commission of Jurists, Centre for Law and Policy Research and Ondede jointly organised way forward and looking back 377 verdict meeting. Members from different parts of Karnataka State attended .

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Karnataka Legislative Assembly Meeting

Secretary of Karnataka State Legislative Assembly , Secretary of Karnataka State Legislative Council, DYSP Vidhana Soudha, very first time for few Staff of Ondede exposure to legislative house and interacted with government officials, organisational moral support for newly employed Transgender women at v8dhana Soudha. Many things happened in one Day!!

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Press Conferences on Section 377

A Press Conferences held on 11th September 2018, organised by Ondede on the Historical Judgement given by the Honorable  Supreme Court of India on IPC Section 377 based of the success Ondede organised a solidarity welcome on Judgement which is  Decriminalization on sexual minorities @press club press conference.

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Celebrates the news that Section 377 was struck down

The Supreme Court of India’s decision to scrap a ban on gay sex could be the start of a global push to repeal similar colonial-era laws, hopes one LGBT advocate.

Ondede Celebration following the Section 377 judgment

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On 6/ September / 2018, the Supreme Court overruled its two judge-bench decision in the Suresh Koushal vs Naz Foundation case (2013) and legalised homosexuality. Justice D Y Chandrachud did not mince words in expressing his displeasure against the government for not taking a categorical stand on Section 377. He said that the law criminalises behaviour that does not conform to the heterosexual expectations of society. Justice Indu Malhotra rightly said that history owes an apology to the homosexual community. It is a different story that we have been unjust to so many sections of our society that an apology is due almost every day.

The judges criticised the imposition of Victorian morality through Section 377. Judeo-Christian morality did cast a big influence on the colonial state’s laws. Islam too considers homosexuality as a sin. Ancient Indian culture and mythology were more liberal. We know of Shikhandi in Mahabharat, Lord Vishnu’s female incarnation as Mohini or Lord Krishna turning into a woman to marry Arjuna’s son Aravan whom no woman was willing to marry because he was doomed to die in a day. Erotic paintings and sculptures in temples depict homosexual impulses of at least certain sections of ancient society. The RSS, in its response to the judgment, has rejected same-sex marriages. In a rare show of unity, the Muslim and Christian clergy are with the RSS on this issue.

Since 377 is a question of criminal law, the Muslim Personal Law Board should neither seek a review of the judgment nor demand a legislative overturning of the verdict. As per Section 2 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act,1939 a Muslim wife can still seek divorce from a husband who leads an “infamous life,” which may include homosexuality.

No right of way for the majority


Media Awareness in Zee Tv Kannada

A  Awareness program was conducted by the Zee kannada Tv channel to input some information about the transgender struggle along with Ondede report handed over to famous actor Vijayraghavendra and Actress Rakshitha at Zee TV organised Dance Karnataka Dance! Program 28th August 2018.

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Stepping into Fifth Year Towards Convergence At Ondede

Stepped into 5th year to broaden Ondede’s convergence. Various movements, friends, supporters attended to pre planning meeting to strategies campaign which addresses issues of sexual violence, Domestic Violence, Rights of Transgender And Rights of Sexuality

against #sexualviolence #domesticviolence rights of sexuality and transgender . Ahead much more !

Date: 14th August 2018
Thank you all for making this to happen !

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Footstep launch of Campaign on Domestic and Sexual Violence in Bellary District in Karnataka

Bellary with Ardhanareeshwar sangha an community initiative led to release Ondede’s report release by District Judge, Superintendent of Police and other department officials senior and young community members took part to receive and provide education about the struggles facing by sexual minority community. Followed by community meetings , formation of structure to new group !

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National Human Rights Commission

National Human Rights Commission #NHRC organised meeting to identify human rights violation against minorities and oppressed communities of our society. Addressed to direct the governments to combat for a secure society.

with the objective of  1) Full Commission Sitting

2) Meeting with NGOs and Human Rights Defenders/Transgender

3) Meeting with Senior Officers of the state Government

3rd August 2017@Vikasa Soudha.

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