Ondede is a Kannada word for convergence. Recognizing and acknowledging that are existing movements like child rights, women’s rights, sexual minority rights, other vulnerable sections and various community media platforms , Ondede endeavors to link these different groups through areas of dialogue, research and action on dignity-voice – sexuality.

Ondede Logo Meaning
The letter O in the logo represents “convergence”, and the little twirl moving out to say something new will emerge…

Ondede envisions a society that provides access is non-discriminatory and gender-just.

To create a space for dialogue and support and strengthen action to visibilize issues of Dignity-Voice- Sexuality in relation to children, women and sexual minorities

• To establish linkages between different social movements in three inter-connected areas
• To provide platform for people and movements to come together to interact and dialogue
• To increase evidence based advocacy in policy and practice and creation of a knowledge hub


• Partnerships with community based organizations, social movements and other individuals – by building contacts, linkages and solidarities
• Engagement with the state and other actors
• Amplifying voices through use of community media
• Conduct research, documentation and campaigns