Let the Transgender community enter into colleges !

College students will get to watch Naanu Avanalla…Avalu

A still from the movie.

A still from the movie.

Apart from attending classes on history, physics and maths, students in degree colleges in the State may have an unlikely addition to their routine — watching a film. The Department of Collegiate Education (DCE) has sent out a circular to all government, aided and unaided degree colleges to arrange for the screening of Naanu Avanalla…Avalu , which is doing the rounds of film festivals and was honoured with a national award. The circular asks colleges to see the relevance of the film to the students and teachers and allow it to be screened without any financial implication for the government. DCE officials said the choice about whether to watch the film will be left to students. The proposal was pitched by the makers of the film. B.S. Lingadevaru, director of the film, approached the DCE with the proposal for the simple reason that a film such as theirs would need an alternative platform. “Persisting with conventional theatres is difficult for our kind of films. Also, the perception of cinema is often limited to entertainment; it is not considered an art. Now, all big colleges have auditoriums and infrastructure for holding such screenings,” he said. However, not everyone is optimistic about changing the perception of students by making them watch a film. Activist Akkai Padmashali said many educational campuses continued to be ‘homo and transphobic’. She, instead, advocates asking members of the transgender community to deliver talks on campuses.

Umesh alias Uma, a radio jockey with Radioactive, was also of the view that screening a film may not be the most effective medium to convey the struggles of the community. “Having members of the community, who are spread across the State, come into campuses and talk directly to students will have a better impact. It is important that students be sensitised at this stage as some of them may go on to become lawyers and police personnel,” she said.


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