Press Note

 Ondede, Releases a Report on the Status of the Rights of Transgenders in Karnataka

As on November 26th, 2014, 47 members of the Transgender community were arbitrarily picked up from the streets, from their home, while they were going about their daily chores and put to Beggars’ Colony.

It was mentioned that a few community members had misbehaved in the public for which an oral order was given by the Commissioner to arrest every person begging. This was a Human Rights violation against the Transgenders who were taken away.

The Transgender community is unable to access criminal justice system to remedy the wrongs done to them and on the other hand they are persecuted by using the criminal justice system against them. This is the Mysore incident where six of the Transgender members were maliciously prosecuted with false allegations of murder and put to Mysore Central Jail for three months.

Hence, this report is an attempt to document and voice the struggles of members of the Transgender community. It also analyses the current legal frame work and demonstrates the stark realities of harassment, abuse and violence that has become a part of the day-to-day existence of the Transgender community.

The following are the Guest Speakers for the Release-

Shri. N.K Patil (Hon’ble Justice of Karnataka), Smt. Jayamala (Hon’ble Member, Karnataka State Legislative Council and Chairperson of Expert Committee on Sex workers and Transgenders), Shri. Ashok Nijagannavar (Hon’ble Member Secretary, Karnataka State Legal Services Authority), Mr. B.T Venkatesh (Former State Public Prosecutor, Karnataka High Court), Dr. Vijayprakash (Director, Women Development Corporation, Karnataka), Ms. Aasha Ramesh (Founder Member, Ondede), Deepthi, Bangalore crisis and Richa, Mysore case (Community speakers) and Prerana.

Date: 13th August, 2015

Time: 2.00pm-4.00pm

Venue: Radio Active CR 90.4MHz, c/o Jain University, Next to Atria Hotel, Opposite Maharani College, Bangalore 560001

For further information-

Contact- Akkai Padmashali- 9980042532